Protect Your Business with Mobile Patrol

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Sites with very little outdoor space often position security officers in key locations to protect the premises. These sites may include skyscrapers or a small bank. For sites that cover more ground, such as an apartment complex, permanently stationed officers would not adequately secure the business. Instead, these sites should rely on mobile patrol.

What Is Mobile Patrol?

There are two types of mobile patrol: mobile patrol on foot and via a marked security vehicle. Note that asking security officers to patrol external spaces on foot is dangerous. Not only are they more exposed to the elements, but there is a greater likelihood of being attacked. Note also, that when it comes to mobile patrol, some security companies use bicycles, Segways, golf-carts, cars, or SUVs. Cars and SUVs are safest.

What Are the Benefits?
Because officers are constantly moving from one place to the next, they remain alert. GPS tracking in the vehicles used also help the supervisor and property management to determine how much ground was covered.

This alertness makes it easier for officers to determine when something is out of the ordinary, such as the smell of smoke. Finally, the presence of security vehicles helps to deter crime, especially when so many can pass for police vehicles at a first glance.

What about the cost?

Companies may believe mobile patrol costs more money. After all, company cars can be expensive. However, mobile patrol is actually more cost-effective. Using mobile security to patrol a large campus, for instance, is a lot less expensive than paying for the salaries of security guards stationed at various locations. There is no need to neglect areas prone to criminal activities or deviant behavior either. For those spots, security cameras are useful.

Thus, mobile patrol is a cost-effective way to keep your business, tenants and customers safe. Are you ready to improve security on the premises? Contact United Security Specialists  by calling 408-809-0967 or emailing today!

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