On-Site Protection

As a trusted provider of security specialists in the Bay Area, we understand the importance of reliable, professional and courteous security service, especially when it’s at your establishment. Regardless of the scale of your need, from having a single guard at the reception area to deploying multiple teams of officers to protect your warehouses, USS can provide a solution that fits.

Starting with our risk assessment framework, our expertise is in efficiently and effectively developing solutions that match different combinations of business environments and security needs.

Access Control

Lobby Security Enforcement

Route Patrols

Loss Prevention

Special Events

Disaster Management

Mobile Patrol

Having security specialists check in on your property on a scheduled route is a prevalent approach for many businesses that do not require constant on-site presence. Our risk assessment will help determine the most appropriate time frame and frequency of the patrolling route. Our licensed security specialists will carry out all the inspection procedures designed specifically for your site according to plan. All activities are updated through real-time reporting and location-tracking technology.

We pride ourselves in utilizing the latest technology to enhance our service. With our mobile app provided by SilverTrac, our guards are able to check in, make reports and take photos in real time as they patrol.

Exterior Inspections

Interior Inspections

Vandalism Inspections


Lighting Inspections

Real-time Reporting

Event Security

USS is unquestionably your event security partner. We have solid experience in security and crowd control at major concerts, outdoors events and convention center programs. Our specialists are well-trained for large events so they can easily identify potential threats and mitigate them to avoid interruptions and disturbances.

With USS as your partner, you can focus on the event agenda knowing that your employees and guests are safe.

Crowd Control

Security Check

Stationed Patrol

Mobile Patrol

Disaster Planning

VIP Protection

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