Why You Need Event Security Now More Than Ever

event security guard wearing mask

Life has almost come to a halt since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but people are slowly starting to get back to normal again. While public events are happening more and more, people are still doing their part to keep everyone healthy by practicing safety guidelines at these events. Our security guards are a huge part of why these events can happen. Many of the rules in place to protect people from COVID-19 can be easily enforced by security guards at your next event.

Enforcing Social Distancing

The community has done fairly well with social distancing, but it seems there’s always that one person who pushes the rules. Security guards can enforce social distancing guidelines so everyone in attendance at certain events can safely have a good time.

Observing Hand Sanitizing

As people come and go from these public events, they need to sanitize their hands. It’s a crucial part of maintaining the spread of coronavirus, and security guards observe the practice to ensure it happens.

Preventing Fights

If two or more people at an event get into a fight, there’s likely going to be others who join in, either to participate or try to stop the fight. With people in such close contact to each other, it increases the chance of COVID-19 spreading. Our security guards can watch over the event, paying attention to situations that could escalate and end up with multiple people in close contact. With their preventative skills, they can diffuse the situation to keep people apart.

Enforcing Mask Use

If someone shows up to the event without a mask, security guards can show them to where to get one. They can also escort people out who choose not to wear a mask. If there are people not wearing their masks correctly, the security guards can remind them to fasten the masks properly, cover the mouth and the nose.

As you can see, our security guards are doing more than just their typical duties during this pandemic. To learn more, or to hire us for security services, contact United Security Specialists by calling 408-809-0967 or sending us an email.

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