Unique Security Requirements of Medical Facilities


From small clinics to sprawling urban medical centers, healthcare professionals deal with many common workplace hazards, as well as some unique to their profession.  In addition to disgruntled employees and irate patients, medical facilities also encounter people under extreme stress, individuals seeking controlled substances, and persons carrying possible contagious infections. An experienced security company; however, can address these situations with individual security analysis, smart technology, and an arsenal of specialized tools and strategies.

Exterior Patrols

Security vigilance begins outside the building. Large medical complexes may require parking patrols and escorts for evening shift employees and late-night visitors. For small facilities, parking lot cameras may suffice. Observing outdoor activity is important and spotting suspicious actions can head off problems.

Entrance and Lobby Security

Monitoring visitors at the point of entry creates a protected perimeter around patients and providers. The use of security cameras and guards contribute to building safety and sends the message that your medical facility takes precautions.

Access Control Within Buildings

Regardless of size, health facilities need strict safeguards to protect vulnerable patients, restrict access to drugs and equipment, protect the personal property of employees and patients, and secure electronic medical records and sensitive information. Codes, badges, and even fingerprints or other biometrics can regulate access and record entry information.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Video camera technology keeps improving, and the development of monitoring software that spots suspicious behavior patterns and sends out security alerts provides another layer of protection. Security cameras aid vigilance in even the smallest facilities and a professional security company can design systems for every layout and situation.

Security Guards Still Work

With all the emphasis on technology, it’s easy to underestimate uniformed guards. However, these officers provide a powerful deterrent to lawbreakers, as well as reassurance to patients, staff, and visitors. Well-trained guards sense threats and respond quickly to emerging situations.

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