When it comes to crowd management, you have a serious responsibility to ensure everyone at your event is protected against any safety and health risks. It might seem like a simple task, but once your event center begins to fill up, you’ll begin to realize why this is so important. The following are a few considerations in creating the most effective crowd management strategy for your upcoming event.

Include Crowd Management in Your Initial Planning Stages

The first time you sit down with the planning committee, you should discuss crowd management. It could take a while for you to pull it all together, so it should be addressed from the very beginning. You may want to have one person solely responsible for organizing this task, though there are a lot of individuals who will be involved. This includes the event coordinators, local authorities, local transportation providers, the venue owner, and neighboring businesses.

Take Time to Understand Who Your Crowd Will Be

The nature of your event will help determine how to you go about crowd management. If you are expecting a rather rowdy crowd, you might beef up security measures. If you are certain your crowd will be mellow and well-behaved, you might be able to cut back a bit. Also consider how familiar with the venue your crowd will be. It’s possible you’ll need to include individuals who can guide and give directions.

Assess Potential Risks

Sit with your planning committee and brainstorm every risk that could possibly be an issue. Trampling is often an issue with large crowds, but there are other things as well, such as bomb threats or fires. Some components you may choose to implement could include fencing that allows for an emergency route, well-lit pathways, staggering entrances, employing stewards, and other similar actions.

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