10 Security Measures Your Warehouse Property Should Have

10 Security Measures Your Warehouse Property Should Have

Top Ways to Help Protect Your Warehouse from Vandals and Theft

Warehouse security measures can vary depending on the size of your warehouse, your location, your risk of theft and vandalism, and other issues specific to your business. With a primary goal to protect any employees, vendors, and customers on your site, your goal to protect your property is a close second. Types of security and warehouse security features that you require might include: 

Mobile Security

Mobile security in the form of guards performing visual checks of your property as they cruise the premises might be old school, but it offers service that equipment can’t always promise. Seeing a security guard can be just the deterrent many thieves or vandals need to vacate the property quickly. 

Alarm System

An alarm system can protect property in several ways. It can be set up to go off if someone comes through a door or window. It can be in the form of lasers to set off an alarm if someone crosses them. Alarm systems can be as individual as your business and can be set up to best suit the security needs of your company.

Adequate Lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to keep illegal activity at bay when considering warehouse security measures. Lighting can be set to be on from dusk to dawn or motion activated. You can choose to have lighting in remote areas of your warehouse or all areas. 

Remote Security Monitoring

Monitoring security from a remote location is the choice of many warehouse owners. This allows you to be off-site and still be able to view activity inside and outside of your warehouse. You can have this type of security set to alert police and/or to alert you if there is a breach. Remote security monitoring can provide real-time audio, visual, and transcription of a break-in or other illegal activity.

Security Detail With an Evacuation Plan

Warehouses are primarily for storing and distributing goods. Hours of operation can vary, and employees could be on-site 24 hours a day. A warehouse can also be used for an occasional event related to the business with many people gathering. Types of security in this case could include a security detail with an emergency evacuation plan in case of fire or other danger. 

Fencing Around Perimeter of Your Warehouse

A fence surrounding your property is a reliable warehouse security measure in many cases. The material of the fence and its height can usually keep most people out. A backup method of security could be in order depending on your warehouse contents and reason for security.

“Junkyard Dog” Method of Securing Your Warehouse

A big, noisy dog has been known to scare off the most unlawful of trespassers. This could be a cost-effective form of security and can also be very effective in keeping trespassers off of your property under the right circumstances. 

Fake Security Cameras

Someone about to break into your warehouse could be deterred with a phony video camera if it looks real enough. It’s on them if they are willing to take the risk of getting caught. It’s your decision if you want to play chicken with a potential thief. The contents of your warehouse will probably be a deciding factor in your decision to use a fake camera to scare someone away or a real one that could alert the police. 

Heavy-Duty Locks

Locks keep most honest people out. If your warehouse doors and windows are locked with the approximate size and strength of locks, you might be safe from thieves who don’t want to be bothered. A professional crook likely has the necessary tools to get through any lock. This is a major reason to have another warehouse security measure in place.

Limited Access to Your Warehouse

A warehouse is usually not a place for people who don’t have a reason to be there. ID badges, fingerprint scanning, or other types of recognition for those allowed in the warehouse can help keep the premises secure and help you keep track of who comes and goes on your property. 

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