Event Security: How to Keep Guests Safe During Your Event

How to Keep Guests Safe During Your Event

Attacks are eating away at America. That’s why 22% of Americans have canceled or considered canceling plans to attend events due to their fears of physical violence. 

You must take event security seriously, and you need to follow several security tips for events. The first tip you can follow is to educate yourself about all aspects of event security and safety.

How can you start to develop an emergency plan? How should you train staffers so they can start keeping guests safe at events? Who should you hire, and what tools do you need for corporate event security? 

Answer these questions, and you can have a safe and successful event in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Assess Your Event Security Problems

Every event has its own security problems. If you’re running an event on Zoom, you need to worry about cybersecurity and limiting access to your private room. If you’re running a festival, you need to think about medical emergencies and crimes. 

Sit down with your team and brainstorm problems you may have. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, you should go to a security contractor and ask them to evaluate your event.

Write an Emergency Plan

Once you’ve come up with a list of problems, you need to think about solutions for each one. You can use the same solution for a few different emergencies. You need to evacuate your venue if there is a fire, active shooter, or burst pipe. 

Make sure your venue can accommodate each of your solutions. There should be clearly marked fire exits that everyone can access, including people who are backstage. Your staffers should receive training in directing guests, so they evacuate or shelter in place without panicking. 

There are a few signs that indicate you should hire a security company. A parking lot is hard to control, especially if it is very large or underlit. You should hire personnel to walk through the parking lot and help people get to their cars.

Even if you don’t hire a company, you should still consult with them on good tips for emergencies. Get plenty of advice on attacks in public spaces, as they can overwhelm your security staffers and result in multiple deaths.

Create Checkpoints

Whatever event you’re running, you need to engage in crowd control. You need to check people’s bags and remove people who might be security threats or don’t have tickets. 

The easiest way to control the crowd is to create checkpoints. Everyone must go through one before they enter your venue. Each checkpoint should have a team of staffers, metal detectors, and bag scanners.

These checkpoints should be a few hundred feet away from your venue. If someone tries to enter, your staffers can stop them before they reach your patrons.

Get Started On Event Security

Having event security means having a grasp of several concepts. Think about the possible known threats to your event, and educate your staffers on those threats. 

Make sure they know about ways to dealing with dangers, including active shooters and terrorists. You should learn about creating checkpoints so you can inspect bags and prevent weapons from entering your events. 

Many security problems can be handled on your own. But experts are always available to you. 

United Security Specialists offers on-site protection for all events. Contact us today.

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