6 Reasons You Need Mobile Patrolling for Your Commercial Property

mobile patrolling

You have probably installed security cameras around your commercial property and may have security guards in the lobby. What further steps can you take to secure the facility? Mobile patrolling is another addition to your security profile that can make a big difference in the safety and protection of your property and personnel.

Why You Need Mobile Patrolling

With mobile patrolling, you get security officers who travel your property on a scheduled route. This can be done in conjunction with other security on the premises or as a stand-alone service. The benefits of a mobile patrol include:

  1. It deters crime.  With mobile security, officers are more likely to spot suspicious behavior promptly. It also prevents criminals from targeting properties with a mobile patrol.
  2. It ensures the safety of the entire property. Your facility may be extensive or sit on a large piece of land. Mobile patrols can cover large distances and go to the furthest corners of the property.
  3. It can respond to emergencies immediately. Because the officers are in vehicles, they can respond to alarms and alerts quickly, providing first-aid if needed and neutralizing the threat.
  4. It can adjust to your needs. Your company may need parking lot security, accompaniment for employees, or routine drive-bys at any time. A mobile patrol is flexible.
  5. It protects employees. Provide your employees with a security escort to parking, other buildings, or public transportation.
  6. It saves your company money. By preventing break-ins and burglaries, you potentially save thousands of dollars. 

Talk to the Pros

United Security Specialists take pride in providing the best security services in the Bay Area. If you would like to set up mobile patrolling for your commercial property, you can give us a call at 408-809-0967 or email us. We can answer your questions and determine which security services best meet your needs. 

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