Understanding The Types of Commercial Surveillance

commercial surveillance

As a business owner, it is essential to do everything in your power to ensure that your employees, customers, and merchandise remain safe. Enlisting the services of a security company like United Security Specialists will allow you to rest easy knowing you have done your best to protect your business interests. Here are three methods of types of surveillance.

Camera Installation

The most common method of commercial surveillance includes the use of cameras to record certain areas that need to be monitored. These areas could include a business lobby, the entrance and exits to warehouses, and many places in-between. In addition to gaining access to video surveillance in real-time, it will also allow you to go back and watch previous footage if there is a theft or other incident. Simply seeing cameras can deter people with malicious intentions from potentially doing anything illegal.

Access Control

Limiting access to your place of business is an essential step to keeping your staff and stock intact. Encouraging the use of access badges at the building entrance and any other locations you and your security team find necessary will increase security. It will also provide you with an idea of who is coming in and out after hours. Another method is employing a security guard to be in your lobby and keep a record of the traffic into and out of the building. They can also have a guest book at the security desk for visitors to sign in and out.

Unarmed Security Guards

To supplement the security personnel in your lobby, you can hire additional unarmed guards to be stationed in high-traffic areas of your building. This could include fixed guards, who remain in place, or guards who circle the perimeter that you create with your professional security team.

Owning a business is a serious undertaking that puts a lot of responsibility on the property manager and owner. United Security Specialists can assist you in determining how much access control is needed to protect your business. Share some of that responsibility by calling (408) 520-1975 or emailing to get started in protecting your enterprise.

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