Should You Install Access Control at Your Property?

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Does Your Property Need Access Control?

Access control is one of those big-ticket items most property managers have on their lists. Who wouldn’t want to be able to open or close a gate with the click of a button? Wouldn’t it always be better to ensure people have authorized cards to gain access to the property? In some cases, yes, but not all. These factors determine when access control is a sound investment for your property.

Tenant Access

Whether your tenants live or work at the building, authorized access is a great way to filter out who should be inside. Access control makes sense for high-end apartments and businesses that provide membership-based services.

Audit Trail

If knowing who accessed what space and when is important to the way your business operates, then you should invest in access control. This can become increasingly important if multiple businesses or contractors share a space where accountability is crucial.

Remote Access

In the past, when business owners needed a door open, they had to bring several keys around the property or ask security officers to do so. Now, security officers can radio into a control unit to have someone else remotely lock and unlock doors. Authorized persons can also come and go without the need for additional assistance.

24/7 Access

If tenants have constant access to the building, even when it is closed to the rest of the public, access control becomes necessary. Without this, security officers and property managers would have a much more difficult time coordinating visits. Providing building keys to tenants could create physical security vulnerabilities, making it a poor alternative.

Terrorist Threat

If your building has been identified as a potential target for terrorists and other dangerous persons, being able to shut the business down is important. Buildings like these with access control can usually lock the entire building with the press of a button or the swipe of an emergency card.

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