How Focusing on Your Lobby Keeps Your Business Safe


When it comes to business security, your lobby is a crucial factor. When you have a secure lobby, you are more likely to protect your employees, avoid security breaches, and protect your clients’ privacy. This is why lobby security is a must-have.

Create Badges and a Sign-in System

Using visitor badges can help you to identify anyone in the building that is not a regular patron. Every visitor should have a unique badge that includes the person’s name, photo, and pass date. Also, keep a visitor log. Some businesses choose to use a paper log, but you may want to consider going digital. Paper logs can be lost and tend to put customer privacy at more of a risk. A digital log is more accurate.

Secure Office Areas

You should never have an unauthorized visitor in the building. You do not want someone to have access to your company assets, confidential information, or your employees without your approval. This means that you should only allow employees and designated visitors into the building beyond the lobby. Your lobby should be the only visitor entry point.

When you control the entry point, you do not have to worry about visitors going unnoticed. To make sure visitors only come through one entry point, make sure no other doors are kept unlocked to the public. Another great way to secure the building is with security guards. Having a guard stationed in the lobby helps keep order and deter criminal activity.

Install Cameras and Alarms

If you want real security, you need to have a security camera and an alarm present. The cameras should operate 24/7, even after business hours. Your cameras could even have remote video monitoring features so that you can watch from anywhere.

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