Is It Time To Change Your Business Security Plan?

Security is just one of the many businesses affected by increased automation over the years. From access control systems to motion-sensor CCTV cameras, businesses rely less on security guards and more on technology. Guards also rely on these technologies to better protect the sites they are assigned to. However, automating and turning to technology will not solve all your problems.

Are You Prioritizing Critical Areas?

Many companies hire sales reps that can talk you into installing expensive security systems that might not actually improve your bottom line. Set the security solutions aside and start rebuilding from the problems. These are some common ones:

  • Is it more important to monitor staff or customers?
  • Do you have greater concerns about people inside or outside of the building?
  • Do you require 24/7 security or only security during business hours?
  • Can your business benefit from controlled access or would it hinder operations?
  • Do your customers prefer the personal aspect of real people or remote security?

How Important Are Security Officers?

The revolutionizing of the security industry correlated with security officers taking on a new role. Many security guards play as much of a customer service role as a protection role. Security guards now provide customers with answers to key questions, open and close doors, and assist with other aspects of your business operations that help things run smoothly.

Robots and remote access cannot replace this. Instead, these tools provide additional resources to assist officers and improve your security plan. Too many businesses miss out on the personal touches highlighted above because they fail to value the importance of a human face. Human presence also deters criminals because the response is more immediate than from someone watching a camera.

Do you think it is time to review and update your business security plan? United Security Specialists can help. Call 408-809-0967 or email us today for more information.

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