How Is the Security Industry Handling COVID-19?

All industries and local communities are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This includes the security industry. Despite the pandemic, there is still a need for security in businesses. While some companies had to reduce their security with the business closures, others have had to increase protective measures.

How is the industry handling the COVID-19 pandemic?

How the Industry Protects Guards

Health and safety are the number one priority during the pandemic. When you hire a security company, you can expect that the staff is at the forefront of the company’s mind. The officers are protected. This is especially true for security guards who work in the healthcare sector. Guards are trained on cleanliness and often have PPE provided to them.

How the Pandemic Changed the Industry

Since the pandemic began, the need for security guards changed. Retailers, schools, and other businesses and buildings that had to close during the pandemic need less on-site security than they did before. However, essential businesses, grocery stores, and others that remained open need more guards to handle crowd control. With a nationwide increase in hospitalizations, the need for security guards at hospitals has increased as well.

How Guards Protect Business Continuity

In the guarding industry, even with the pandemic, there are no interruptions to officer support and client service. Clients can continue forward with their businesses without worrying about security issues. Some security guards can even work from home and have remote options. For instance, guards can monitor live security systems and remote video monitoring.

The COVID-19 situation has affected the security industry. It has changed the types of businesses that require security systems, but it has not shifted the need for business security. To find out more about your company’s protection, contact United Security Specialists by calling 408-809-0967 or emailing us today!

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