Security Considerations As You Reopen Your Business

COVID-19 had a very strong impact on many businesses, causing many to close down or move to remote only work. Whatever the case may be for your business, you may now be in the process of reopening. As you move forward, make sure your transition plan includes security changes. Here are a few security measures you should consider.

Touchless Technologies

To help decrease the spread of COVID-19, touchless technology is crucial. Everyone is more alert and careful, even with acts as simple as turning a door handle. You may want to consider video monitoring and intercom technology as a way to greet guests or employees without the need for a handshake. Your receptionist can allow people in and out of the building with the use of touchless technology.

If need be, you can even replace guest books or sign-in sheets with scanning or photographing technology. Consider access control cards to ensure that all entries and exits only need a swipe of a card. A lot of the technology offered has been around for a long time, including contactless security systems and fire alarms.

Limited Entries

When you reopen, are there new protocols to consider? Many buildings will be limiting the number of guests and employees. For the safety of your guests and staff, you may need to phase people back in or create a staggered schedule. Temporary security officers can help with limited entry and other business needs.

Security officers can enforce any sanitization protocols. For instance, they can offer gloves, masks and even hand sanitizer. They can also ask pre-screening questions as well as administer temperature checks.

As your business reopens, you need to think about what your new normal will look like. What steps do you need to take to ensure that your guests and staff remain safe? To learn more about your commercial security options, contact United Security Specialists by calling 408-809-0967 or emailing us today!

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