Don’t Put a Target on Your Business

From sophisticated thieves casing your building with the latest technology to small-time crooks latching onto a sudden opportunity, burglars targeting your business exhibit one common characteristic. All look for the easiest mark with the least amount of risk and the greatest chance for success. This means every security initiative you take reduces your appeal to criminals. The following strategies can erect roadblocks that discourage robberies of your business.


Pay Attention to Your Gatekeepers

Locks seal the entrances to your business, but not all locks are created equal. Many factors, such as type of business, building size, number of employees, location, and budget play a part in choosing the most secure locks for your situation. A security audit by a reliable firm can determine good alternatives, including keyed locks, keyless access systems or smart locks with remote keyless entry. Technology can record who accesses an entrance or interior area at any given time and can send immediate notification of entry breaches.


Put Eyes and Ears in Place

Even when you are on the premises, you and your employees cannot be everywhere at once. When you lock the doors at the end of the day, it’s crucial to keep surveillance active. Alarms, motion detectors and security cameras provide watchfulness while technology supplies instant notification of problems. Again, there are multiple alarm systems, cameras and surveillance options to put in place, including outside assistance such as mobile patrols and 24/7 camera monitoring. Finding the right combo for your business is challenging, but a security specialist can help.


Scrutinize Your Changing Surroundings

Locks, alarms and cameras are most effective when employed in response to specific circumstances. It’s essential to know your surroundings even if your business is in an established location. Become familiar with your neighborhood’s strengths and potential hazards. Stay in touch with other business owners, community organizations and law enforcement agencies.

Whether you have a sprawling facility or a small enterprise, the professionals at United Security Specialists are ready to evaluate and serve your company’s security needs. Call 408-809-0967 or email us today to set up a risk assessment!

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