How Hiring a Security Guard Can Save You Money

Many business owners and property managers view security guards as an expense. Security is an asset that protects human life and physical property, providing customers, clients, visitors, and tenants with a sense of safety. There is comfort in knowing a building is watched and that there are real people available to handle emergencies that arise. Even if you agree with the advantages of security, you may still be hesitant of the costs. Did you know that hiring security can actually save you money? Here’s how.

Attracts Higher-End Clientele

The more assets people have, the more they have to lose. This is why law firms, financial companies, and other high-end clients seek A-class buildings to operate in. Security guards on-site give them the peace of mind they need to feel confident that what they worked so hard to build is in good hands.

Reduces Property Damage

Dealing with vandalism is an unfortunate side effect of owning property. All types of properties get defaced by people who have no respect for personal boundaries or laws regarding private ownership. For some, the purpose is to share unsolicited murals in urban spaces. Others may intentionally destroy the property through kicking, scratching, breaking, and spray painting. Security guards help deter this and provide key information for the investigation on the unfortunate chance it happens anyway.

Discourages Theft

When thieves visit a location that is not guarded, they quickly realize it’s an easy target. In some instances, they might take only a few items and leave without calling attention to themselves. In other instances, they target the cashiers to get cash. This puts your customers and your employees at risk. The presence of security guards increase the level of difficulty for thieves, so they tend to look for easier targets instead.

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