As a business owner, security is a top priority. When you think about security, what is top on your list of risks? Is it employee theft? Break-ins? Do you worry about the impact a fire might have on your company? There are a wide variety of threats that you have to address when it comes to running a business. You should cast your safety net wide to guarantee that your company is safe from internal and external threats.

The best way to know that your business is safe is to keep a checklist. You can use this checklist for your personal records or to assist your security company in creating the best security options for your building.

External Business Security Checklist

  • Set up cameras on the inside and outside of your company
  • Keep your hedges trimmed and remove any hiding places outdoors
  • Install a professional security system on each building
  • Utilize security guards
  • Keep doors and windows locked when not in use
  • Install a monitored fire alarm system


Internal Business Security Checklist

  • Monitor your accounting practices closely
  • Conduct regular background checks
  • Protect all confidential documents and cash
  • Shred any discarded documents
  • Ask your employees to take laptops home or secure them to the desks
  • Encrypt and ban unknown apps for company cell phones
  • Only allow company phones and laptops to access secure wifi connections
  • Maintain a secure wifi connection for employees and a separate connection for guests
  • Encrypt printer data
  • Ensure that no data or keys can be stolen from terminated employees
  • Change employee passwords regularly
  • Ensure passcodes are on company cell phones


Security should be your top priority. With this checklist, you can defend your company against external and internal threats. There are a number of different security options, depending on the type and size of your company. Contact United Security Specialists by calling 408-809-0967 or sending us an email today for security options, video monitoring, and security guards.