Why All Businesses Need a Security Risk Assessment


Hampered by limited staff and the countless number of details of running a business, many companies rely solely on the basics to meet their data and other security needs. Small businesses often hope their organizations are too new and insignificant to attract attention from hackers and thieves, but statistics show these very factors make them vulnerable to attacks. In short, criminals see them as easy targets.


Although it may vary in intensity and depth, a security risk assessment of the company’s information technology system, safety measures, and protective policies helps protect against security gaps or breaches. This consists of an organized evaluation and testing of technology systems, business practices, employee compliance, and a security policy review.


Small businesses can outsource the security risk assessment to an experienced specialist in this area or conduct the evaluation with in-house staff and administrators. Using a third-party consultant offers many advantages in expertise, experience, and knowledge of the most current security threats. It may also be required to obtain the necessary certifications that the company needs to do business. Another option involves conducting the initial security assessment using in-house resources and bringing in an outside expert to review the findings and make further security suggestions.


Even a rudimentary security risk assessment affords proactive measures to help keep the company safe. Going through this review process offers a number of other important advantages:

  • Everyone in the company becomes aware of the importance of good security practices as they carry out duties.
  • A thorough evaluation may enable earlier detection of security breaches or imminent threats.
  • An assessment triggers a review of the security measures third-party vendors and service providers have in place.


Perhaps the most important benefit of the assessment is identifying and training employees who practice poor security behaviors such as sharing passwords or replying to phishing emails. Some estimates place human carelessness as the cause for the majority of security breaches.

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