Retailers stand at the starting gate of the holiday season, and opportunities, as well as challenges, await them. While every merchant hopes for stellar sales, professional thieves also view this as an opportune time. Get ready to evaluate your procedures and put extra security measures in place.

Review Current Processes

You undoubtedly have employee training, security measures, and safety directives for your business. Think about what needs beefing up for the upcoming season. If you’re increasing inventory and adding shelves or stands, keep security and safety in mind. Place valuable merchandise where staff can watch it and add mirrors for visibility. Make sure displays and decorations do not pose tripping hazards or easily tip over. Reacquaint all employees with theft prevention and emergency procedures.

Strengthen Internal Controls

Even small shops may take on temporary employees for special events and increased hours. In times of full employment, it’s tempting to cut hiring corners, but don’t neglect in-depth interviewing, thorough reference checks, and comprehensive training sessions. Consider performing spot inventory checks, especially with expensive or popular items. 

Check Security Devices

It doesn’t matter whether you’re high tech with security cameras, motion detectors, and access control systems or use more low-tech measures such as mirrors and increased staff presence. The priority is that everything works properly, and staff members know their roles.

Plan for Sales and Crowds

Advertised sales events and special appearances by holiday choirs or Santa may bring out more people than you anticipate. Certain times, such as the day after Thanksgiving or the last full weekend before Christmas, also attract hordes of shoppers. Have a plan in place for handling crowds that exceed the store’s capacity. Make sure you have extra staff for those days or hire outside security help. You may want to limit access points and have rope corals on hand to facilitate checkout stations.

If you need assistance this holiday season with loss prevention, special events, or other security measures, contact United Security Specialists. We can carry out a risk assessment and match your size and type of business to the best retail security practices. Call 408-809-0967 or email us today!