Security is vital for businesses of every size. While the needs vary with the type of business, the number of employees, and the financial resources, there is no substitute for a relevant security plan. The best time to address this occurs when setting up the yearly budget for your business.

Evaluate Your Needs

Every business requires protection from fire, theft, and physical harm. Various factors may affect each of these. The product or service you offer, the condition and location of your facilities, the number of your employees, and the frequency of visitors to your premises, all play into your risks and needs. A retail pharmacy, for example, may need more burglary deterrents than a suburban insurance agency. A manufacturer of electronic parts may require better employee theft controls than a counseling service.

Consider Options to Meet These Requirements

Once you’ve analyzed your security needs, make a list of possible strategies to address them. This might include the following:

•         Fire alarms

•         Burglar or intruder alarms

•         Access control of one or more entry points

•         New hire background checks

•         Surveillance cameras

•         Staff monitoring

•         Security officers

Obviously, not every organization needs all these security controls. Think about which ones would contribute the greatest protection to your facilities.

Choose a Security Specialist

After you’ve completed a tentative security analysis, it’s time to seek help from experts. While you can’t talk to every security company in the area, look for professionals who exhibit some of these qualifications:

•         Three or more years in the security business

•         Experience with your type of organization

•         Services with no hidden fees

•         Company installation and monitoring of equipment

•         Assessments performed on your site

•         References from current customers

No matter how big or small your organization may be, take time to consider security needs when planning your budget. If you would like a security professional to visit your site, answer questions, and help develop your strategy, contact United Security Specialists by calling 408-809-0967 or sending us an email today. We stand ready to help you with a personalized risk assessment.