The Behind-the-Scenes Work of Security Event Staffing

Large crowds can be dangerous, especially when alcohol and other recreational substances are involved. This can make people more reckless, less likely to listen to the advice of professionals, and more likely to break rules. While this sentiment is mostly associated with music festivals and other more casual gatherings, even formal fundraising events can involve the occasional scandal or two. Here’s how security companies plan for these events behind the scenes.

Consider the Type of Event

The starting point is not the people but the event itself. While security guards operate on the fringes rather than participate in these gatherings, they do need to understand the differences between eventgoers for a formal business dinner versus a music festival. The training and experience required for each scenario may differ.

Prioritize Client Preference

Clients may also have their own preferences for the style of guards. This can even come down to the overall appearance. For example, for a VIP event at a club, they may prefer the guards to look more look intimidating. Meanwhile, a client may prefer guards that look more friendly and approachable working at the receptionist desk for a business dinner. Some events may require both types of guards stationed at different areas.

Get the Right People

Event workers need to have more flexible schedules than regular officers. Because of this, many of these guards tend to be part-time workers, college students, and even retirees. You also need to consider each guard’s characteristics and how well some might cope in certain environments. Put simply, good security companies know their officers well enough to identify who is a great match for exact positions at specific events.

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