Safety First: How to Hire the Right Security Personnel


Your security personnel are responsible for ensuring that people and property at your facility are kept safe from any potential dangers. With so much responsibility on their shoulders it’s important that you hire guards who are capable of handling the pressures of security at your property. Making the wrong decision can lead to loss of property, or worse, cause somebody to get hurt.

Distracted Guards Cause Problems

Nothing is more detrimental to the security of a building than hiring guards who can’t be bothered to pay attention when they’re on the job. Whether your guards are messing around on their phones all day, getting lost in conversation or just spacing out on their own, a guard who is easily distracted needs to be filtered out and removed from their position.

Prejudice Prevents Performance

A guard who brings their own biases to the job is a risk to you and your property. By focusing on those they are predetermined to not trust they just might be letting somebody who doesn’t fit their risk profile get away with causing problems. Always be on the lookout for signs of bias when hiring.

Experience Counts on Duty

Even a well-meaning and attentive guard can be a liability if they simply lack the experience required to do the job right. If you’re considering hiring an inexperienced guard, try to pair them up with a veteran who can show them the ropes and ease the transition into the field.

The Right Shift Matters

Not everyone is a day person, and not everyone can pull an overnight shift. Always inquire about any prospective security personnel’s preferences for shifts, and do not hire somebody who would only fill the slots on your schedule grudgingly. An unhappy guard is an inattentive guard.

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