Why You Should Invest in On-Site Security Protection for Your Commercial Building

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According to Forbes, all commercial properties should have a reliable security presence on-site. It’s also important to ensure the service is outsourced to a well-known third party. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should invest in a third-party on-site security protection for your commercial building.

1. Deters Criminal Activity

Good security companies will provide not just officers, but also the technology to deter criminal activity. When you combine access control, video surveillance and trained professionals, your building becomes less attractive to criminals.

2. Provides Evidence

You would be surprised how good the cameras at many secured buildings are. They pick up license plate numbers, logos on company vehicles, and often, even get clear shots of criminals’ faces. This is so well-known that homeowners and neighborhood watch participants are now installing CCTV cameras at home, and according to CNN, these have helped police officers to solve crimes.

3. Show Commitment to Safety

Even when criminal activity is low in your area, the presence of officers and other security measures provides a feeling of safety for your tenants. This will help you to attract more high-end clients who have a lot at stake and will pay extra to secure it. High-end clients could include anyone from government agencies to law firms and health insurance companies.

4. General Liability Insurance

Despite your best efforts, someone at some point will be hurt on your premises. If security was deemed to be at fault, then the good news is, security companies carry general liability insurance for this exact reason. This helps to protect you and the security company in the case of a lawsuit.


A security company could become the greatest ally in your quest to keep your building secure and your tenants safe. At United Security Specialists, we believe that good security begins with providing our officers with the training and tools they need to protect your commercial site. For more information on how we can best serve you, contact us via our contact form or call us at 408-809-0967.

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